Heavy rain engulfs Kengtung
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Due to heavy rain on two successive days on 9-10 August, downtown wards in Kengtung of eastern Shan State were inundated.

A total of 200 houses were affected by the inundation over downtown roads by one foot. According to surveys at 1 pm yesterday, the water level has decreased significantly. Departmental personnel, Tatmadawmen, village administrators, Red Cross members, Fire Brigade members and NGOs provided emergency aids which include lunch boxes, Kengtung road near Baytala village in Nantyaung

village-tract in Tahley Sub- Township.

The traffic has been suspended temporarily since 10 August noon as the road was inundated by more than six feet deep.—MMAL-Myinmo (Tachilek) instant noodle, water bottle and food to the victims. __MMAL-Maung Maung Naing (Kengtung)

Kengtung, 14 Aug—

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