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Friday, 10 February 2017 10:03

HDUCIM Background

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Tentative Programme

The ASEAN Regional Forum was established in 1994. The objectives of the ASEAN Regional Forum are outlined in the First ARF Chairman's Statement (1994), namely:

  • To foster constructive dialogue and consultation on political and security issues of common interest and concern; and
  • To make significant contributions to efforts towards confidence-building and preventive diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region.

The 27th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (1994) stated that "The ARF could become an effective consultative Asia-Pacific Forum for promoting open dialogue on political and security cooperation in the region. In this context, ASEAN should work with its ARF partners to bring about a more predictable and constructive pattern of relations in the Asia Pacific."

The ASEAN Regional Forum Heads of Defence Universities, Colleges, Institutions Meeting (ARF HDUCIM) is in its 17th year. This will be the first time Brunei Darussalam host this prestigious meeting schedule to be held on 11-14 November 2013. Brunei Darussalam will Co-Host this meeting with Republic of South Korea. The theme for this year’s HDUCIM is entitled Cooperation in Research and Academic Curricula on Complex Operations Environment (COE).